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May 4th, 2011 ~ The Dynamics of Gobean, The Golden City over Arizona/New Mexico

This evening we were honored with the energies of Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia with Archangels Michael and Faith on the Dynamics of Gobean, the Golden City over Arizona and New Mexico.

Good evening,

This is Lord Adama speaking.  It is a pleasure to be here once again, welcome to this call, this group, and thank you for stepping out there. I have to say one thing: welcome Judy! We’re so happy to have you here with us. [Note: Judy is her traveling buddy toMt.Shasta.]

It is an amazing time and the challenges are great aren’t they? And they’re going to become even more intense as the frequencies expanding and moving forward.  This is why we wanted to bring all this together ~ this is why we wanted to bring forward this frequency to assist so that we can come together in this manner.  It is a pleasure to be able to connect with you in these ways, we are very grateful, you cannot comprehend what is occurring with this group – the after effects.  And, it is assisting the planet in ways you cannot believe.  We know you are coming to Telos ~ those who are listening to the recordings and reading the material.  We’re very excited for the next coming months and the events that are going to be happening with each of you.  Each of you is bringing forth your expression and your love and it is expanding.  We’re really excited to see the difference in everybody in just a few weeks. So again we thank, Christine, for stepping forward, and we knew she would; we are asking each of you to step forward, because this is our time to come together ~ this is our time to bring in the frequency, ~ this is our time to work with each other as we’ve never worked before.  We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but the rewards are going to be wonderful; the camaraderie between each of you is amazing, and it’s going to grow even more so.

Tonight we wanted to bring forth the aspects of the Elohim and AA Michael as Christine was saying earlier how the Elohim and the Archangels represent the inner core.  This is very true, because they’re going to assist you in bringing in that essence of frequency that we’re all part of from the very beginning. Within that essence of frequency you’re going to be able to share with each other a new aspect, because the remembrances are going to be very powerful.  Within these remembrances the frequency that is part of your wisdom – remember that the Veil of Forgetfulness has been removed, so we must activate the remembrances so that those aspects are fully within their frequency ~so that we can allow the changes you’re going through to be fully activated in a different manner than they have been. That is going to be happening intensely.

I think there was some discussion on the last call from El Morya about writing.  And, if any of you have not done so, this is something you should try to do for your remembrances as we remind Christine about the regression to assist everyone.  So if you can bring forth those frequencies within you and remind yourself what is occurring within the Innerplane, sleep state, and in your meditation, it is going to assist you in the process.  I know a lot of you say, “I don’t dream, I don’t remember,” which needs to be a training process.  There needs to be that activation going on to assist you in the development in your remembrances, because each of you is being activated in a powerful way.  Within these activations it is allowing you to fully accept the Divinity that is yours, for you to fully understand where you have come from and how you bring that forth I into this body now.  Each of you are progressing at astronomical rates, and it’s going to be progressing even more so.  So hold on to your seats, because what you’re experiencing now is nothing compared to what it’s going to be.  But, you will be in a different circumstance, you will be in a different time frame where you will be able to accept your Divinity more so than you are in this moment.  I hear your thoughts right now, and I can hear you say, “oh my gosh, if it’s getting stronger than it is now, how am I going to be able to handle it?”  Your body is becoming more accepting of the energies .  These calls are assisting you with this. As these frequencies come into your being there’s going to be more grounding into the body and the earth, and also in your cellular memory and the inner workings of your Physical body.  This is why you’re going to be finding issues with the foods that you ate before that is no longer acceptable in your present state of being. So within this presence that is happening, you’re going to be accepting yourself in a different manner. And you’re changing swiftly. If you haven’t already felt it, you will be feeling it more so, and I know most of you are feeling it.

So, here we are! Here we are on this New Moon with the new balancing energy, and also the frequency is quite strong as the balancing energy is infiltrating within your Being .  I ask you just to allow yourself to receive for the next few moments while we are connecting to you. Tonight is going to be different, there is going to be more fluidity and frequency within you, and you’re going to feel a difference between the Elohim and the Archangels.  The Ascended Masters bring forth the grounding because of the past lives of being on the Earth.  I am in between those two worlds, within that 5th dimensional essence, and as I bring forth to you what we are bringing forth within the higher realms, of the energies, you’re bringing the higher frequency into the Earthplane, and then we’re allowing those energies to come within the 5th dimensional frequency within your body.  So yes, you may feel more fluctuations this evening, than you have in other calls.  I know some of you have been going through a lot of different elements.  I know Christine has been shifting again greatly in the last week.  Each of you is going to be affected in different ways.  The most important part of this is to take care of yourself.  Because if you do not, your body will do it for you, as we have seen previously.  Some of you may be going through the same thing with your food.  The quality of the food must be high, and if you’re not getting organic food, then you need to charge it as much as possible.  You need to charge it with crystals, you can charge it with your own energies, you can ask for the Godforce to assist you, you can ask for me, you can ask for Dr. Lorphan.  But it’s essential, especially if you’re eating out, to be very, very consistent with what you’re putting into your body, because you’re all coming into those higher frequencies. In those higher frequencies the food needs to be assimilated, because it’s going to bring your energy down, so this is very important.  Your bodies are going to be releasing things you no longer need as you are eating better, so allow yourself to go through those changes.  Know that as you’re doing these things, the length of time you have to go through it is not as long as it was previously.  Continually asking for assistance from each of us, Dr. Lorphan, especially, and continually bring forth those areas that will most assist you.  Everyone needs to have a balance this evening; everyone that is connecting with these energies.  It is our time to assist you, and we truly want to do that.

So now, let’s go into Telos.  Take a deep breath, breathing deeply, allow your MerKaBa vehicle to be fully activated.  Allow yourself to expand in the frequency of All That Is.  See yourselves in the garden.  Just manifest yourselves right there. Yes, teleportation is easily done on this level.  Make sure your shoes are off, and walk through the grass.  Feel the land. I want you to feel the environment of Telos.  You may want to sit on the grass, you may want to touch the grass, or pick some flowers.  We do have an area where people are allowed to pick the flowers.  Not all areas are allowed to be picked because they are being cultivated.  Some areas are for work-related elements, for teaching elements.  And then there is an herbal garden.  I want you to walk through the herbal garden, and feel the herbs.  Is there something you need for yourself?  Maybe you don’t even know you need something.  Pick a piece of herb, and put to your Throat and to your Heart; smell it, does it have a smell?  Allow the essence of the herb to go through your entire Being.  This is an herb that you should be utilizing for the next week.

It could be in raw form, it could be in the form of a tea (not a dried spice).  Let’s just all find our place and sit around the garden, and breath very, very deeply.  And feel the beauty that you’re expressing within yourself right now ~ the beauty of the love that is you, the beauty of the frequency that is you. Just allow yourself to receive, receive the healing that is necessary.  As you do that, you see Hercules and Amazonia and Archangel Michael and Faith.  They join us in our circle in the garden.  Hear the waterfall behind you.  You can almost feel the spray of the fresh water.  Amazonia and Faith each have goblets for you~ filled with the Blue Ray.  Everyone takes their goblets and takes a sip.  This goblet has the energetic expression that you need for yourself presently.  Drink it down.

Feel the essence of the Ray going through your entire bloodstream, going into your organs, through your system, and feel the vibrancy emanating out of your being, and allow that to be expressed within you. I will now step aside.


Greetings, this is Archangel Michael and Faith; we are going to be speaking in group consciousness.  It’s wonderful, two times this week I was able to come through Christine and Faith is here with me.  We want everyone here right now to fully have the realization of the power of your work.  There’s great power within this.  And within the power of your ability to fully infiltrate the wisdom and knowledge and put into words and put it into thoughts, into the expression that you are.  We are here to help you with the energetics but we are also here to help you with the frequency of your light.  As you bring forth the balance, we fully want you to utilize that Blue Sword that is underneath your right arm – pull it out right now.  Allow that sword to be your guide and to show you where you need to be and where you need to go.  It is your protective measure but it is also a pinpointing energy to what your next step is in your pathway. Each of you have different elements that you work with.  Some of you work with land, some of you work with souls, some of you work with people, some of you work with energetics, some of you are artists, some of you are musicians.  Whatever it is, allow this Blue Sword to fully express that within you ~ and now bringing in the element of Faith.  Allow the Faith to be fully within you that the messages, that the thoughts you receive are truly the ones.  Allow yourself to be expressed in those manners and create the action that is needed.  We are here to assist you with this.  Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel the faith that you are with your Blue Sword .  It is your guide.  It is the elements within you to bring the acceptance fully within your Divinity and actualize it.  Thank you.


Greetings, this is Hercules and Amazonia!

It is a pleasure to be with each of you this evening, to bring forth your Will, your Power, and your Decisions.  Wow, what a wonderful group of people we have here that are coming together in the actualization of who they are.  Within these actualizations is the acceptance of the challenges that you are coming across, but allowing the action to fully occur.  Within the action that you are, you shall allow yourself to increase the availability of your frequencies more fully than they ever have been.  And within this availability you’re going to be able to act upon.  But first you must protect yourself, and then have the faith that what you’re doing is correct, and make the informed decisions first within yourself so that you can walk this pathway that is necessary.

So, we’re going to now take a little journey, all together, we’re going to go to Gobean, the Golden City near Arizona and New Mexico.  And we’re going to look at things a little bit differently than we did last week.  We want you to get a feeling for what this Golden City is about.  And we also want you to know that, yes, it is under construction, but the phases of the inner workings of the core of the city have already been developed and we want you to feel that frequency this evening.  So let’s take a deep breath as we all gather together and we leave Telos.  We spin out of the mountain, out of Mt.Shasta, up into the skyline, moving across fromMt.Shastainto a southern-eastern direction and moving towards Arizona and New Mexico; we’re going to move into the Etheric level of Gaia’s frequency.  Feel the Etheric level and we find our MerKaBa vehicle landing.

Again you see the mountains and there are areas of water, some of it is cultivated, some of it is not, some of it is rough, you may also see grazing animals, the Essence – we want you to feel the Essence tonight of the land and the frequency of the feelings.  With your Mind’s Eye, just feel the expression that you’re receiving, what does this city feel like to you – we’re in the outlying areas, we’re not in the core essence of the city.  What does the frequency feel like to you, is it something you feel like you want to put your energies into ? Would you like to be part of the councils? Would you like to be an overlighting seer or a visionary, a channel, or an engineer?  Do you have technical skills you want to utilize?  Or do you want to be completely in the soul’s essence, assisting the souls that are going to be coming into the city?  It’s very important within this city that we make sure that we don’t have any planetary levels of this ray.  We don’t want any of the lower frequency of the Red Ray in this city, it has to be on the Cosmic level . Maybe you’re someone who will overlight individuals, scan them, are you a healer?  Do you express through your words or do you express through your thoughts?  You may not even know what you want to be doing, this is just one city of many cities that you could be overlighting . The cities in the Americas are much more active than the cities in the rest of the world.  And this is why there is not as much information on the other cities, but it will be coming forth, we promise you that.  So this city in Gobean is going to be the first city that is available.  Some of you may b e traveling here, some of you may be traveling in your sleep state or your aware state.  And it may just be a stopping ground, you may not have an active role but have a group consciousness role of being in this space .  Now remember that Gobean represents Faith and protection.  It represents love and the continuing of God’s Will, the Power of God’s will within this space .

So, let’s just move now, walk towards the city, you can see it in the distance.  And with our mind’s eye we’re there. That’s the great part of being on a 5th dimensional frequency is accessing that teleportation in your circumstances.  As we walk around, there are many different levels of this city, but there’s a sparkling, beautiful structure, golden sparkles and silver sparkles and all different colors emanating from the building as the sun shines brightly across it, we now find ourselves within this building.  This is the core of the essence. This is where myself, Hercules, and Amazonia and Archangels Michael and Faith work with each of you and assist you in preparedness of your choices of being here. Just as all the other cities will have all the other Archangels and Elohim Masters represented.

As we come into the structure, it is glass and has a vibrancy all around; you can see the Blue Ray shooting out vibrant lights everywhere.  It’s not uncomfortable, it’s a soft energy, and you can feel the vibrancy there.  I want you to visualize yourself standing in the middle and around you, the pointed areas of the building – because the building is structured in a very modern very extensive way, much like what the Atlantean energies looked like, if you can allow yourself to recall that frequency – and just stand there in the middle, there is a skylight above and it brings down the Essence of the sun, and it’s filtered through blue windows, so there’s an essence of the blue ray mixing with the sun. We have the Golden and the Blue filtering the Christ Consciousness and the Blue is the Blue filtering with the White light.  Allow yourself to stand in this space, and to feel this essence, and feel it come into your Throat. Feel that frequency fully being there and allow it to infiltrate your entire body.  As it infiltrates your entire body, you start to see elements with in you of frequency, of change, allowing yourself to fully feel this pure essence that is flowing within you and around you.  Feel the power that is within you, you feel your ability to create the elements that are necessary.

I want you to just visualize yourself being here amongst many.  Right now you’re not coming here as a leader or a teacher, you’re coming as a participant of the energy.  We want you to embody the fire of enthusiasm.  Where is your enthusiasm?  Allow it to infiltrate now into your Thymus and your Heart, feel that frequency come fully within you.  As the frequency comes fully within you, the purity that is your acceptance is fully being actualized.  As that is being actualized, this Blue ray that is fully allowing you to connect with the Light that you are and God’s will is within your being fully. Allow it to go all the way down to your feet as you are in filtrated with this huge beam of Golden and Blue ray.  This is the purity and this is the essence that you are.  Within you now you are reflecting the Will and the Power of God. There is nothing that you cannot handle.  As we stand in the middle, there is a beautiful golden structure of a waterfall with candles on an altar in the middle.  The candles represent the essence of the Will, the Power, and the strength, it represents initiative, faith, humility, patience, and power with God’s Protection.

We hand each of you a candle, you’re walk up the altar, and you’re going to light your candle around the other candles. The first candle represents Power. And you move to your left and go the next one which represents Will ~ the next one is God’s Protection~ Faith ~Initiative ~Tenderness ~Humility ~Sympathy~ then Patience.  Come back to where you were standing before.  You hold your candle and you look at the flame as you feel all of those aspects: Will ~ God’s Protection ~ Faith ~ Initiative ~ Tenderness ~ Humility ~ Sympathy ~ Patience now to come fully within you, with the flame.  Breathe the flame in.  As you breathe the flame in, now the flame dissipates.  This is the Fire of your Enthusiasm ~ which goes fully within your body to create the flame that is you.  I want you now to feel that expression as you stand here in this beautiful essence .  As I, as Hercules and Amazonia, and I as Archangel Michael and Faith, we now come together in the group consciousness to assist you.  Michael and Faith stand behind you ~ Hercules and Amazonia stand in front of you and to the side of you, Hercules to the left, Amazonia to the right.  What we embody to you know is to allow you to have that balance between your Male and your Female.  The women are on the right side of you, but that is your Male side, the men are on your left, which is the Female side.  We blend the Power, the Strength and the Protection on the left side, allow that to blend on the left side of your body.  Allow the right side of your body to blend with Faith and Amazonia, with the beauty that they are, the female aspects of Faith and the Power, and allow those energies to blend within.  You take a deep breath, and now you see Hercules and Amazonia and Michael and Faith in front of you, but their essence is now part of you.  We’ve decided to blend our energies in this way because we felt it is important that each of you represent, whether you come to this city or not, whether this is going to be your city, you will travel here in the next month, allowing yourself to infiltrate into this city to see if this is where you want to be.  Some of you have been getting messages this is where you need to be.  This doesn’t mean this is going to be a permanent home.  Realize this ~ Realize this as you bring it within you.

Now as we look around the room, the sun is beaming through all levels of the building as the glass structures are shaped in an octagonal type of building and are completely around us as we bring forth this frequency of the Blue and the Gold beaming with the sun, the Silver, and the Platinum; feel that stability within you, breathe it all the way down within you.  Amazonia and Faith now walk around the room and give each of you another goblet from the waterfall that represents the flame of all these aspects.  This water is crystal clear.  You drink from the water, and you are fully intuiting the Power, the Will, God’s Protection, Faith, Initiative, Tenderness, Humility, Sympathy, and Patience . Take a sip and feel that go through your entire being; allow that frequency to be fully within you and allow yourself to balance these energies.  As you say to yourself,

“I am an instrument of Peace and Goodwill.  I create the action needed upon my journey on this earth, I am a way-shower and a conduit for God’s Light. I call upon Archangel Michael and Faith; I call upon the Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia.  These beautiful beings of light are totally within me.  I am firm, I am secure, I am powerful, I am protected, and I incorporate faith within each moment of my creation. I share with others this beam of light that I have received ~Reflected within me of the Will and the Power of God.  I express to others and I teach them how to fully intuit these Beings of Light as I have just done.  I walk within humanity, and I move through the crowds of the people as I reflect outwardly to what I have received in this moment.  I Am That I Am That I Am.

Breathe deeply through that:  This is the core essence of Gobean in Arizona and New Mexico.  This is the Power and the Will of god.  All initiates will come to this structure, will come to this area, whether they realize it or not ~ to intuit this essence within them.  It is a necessary function, so every person, not just the ones that are listening, not the ones that are reading, that are here in this moment, but ALL lightworkers must come to this area. It doesn’t mean that they will stay, but this is a way that we have found that you can fully intuit the Blue Ray fully within your body.  It is a necessary function.  So many of you are not able to fully actualize your destiny because your Will and Power has been seized away from you.  This is no longer true, you are fully activated with the Blue Sword of the Light that you are and you shall use it wisely because you have fully come here in the actualization of this moment.  We Hercules and Amazonia and Michael and Faith walk with you with each moment that you take.  Honor yourself and you will be honoring us in these moments of glory.  Take a deep breath. Breathe deeply, and we are honored to be here with you in Oneness.  You are the way-showers and you are here because you are in front of the crowds.  And your time will fully come to have the responsibility, but right now we just want you to feel the effects of what we have created this evening.  We are in deep honor of your work.  And we shall always walk with you side by side, hand in hand, in oneness.

Take a deep breath and look around above the top of your heads towards the ceiling and see the beautiful angelic presences and elementals.  There’s fairies, there’s light frequencies, there’s orbs, it is all there for the magic that you are. In unison, we say




Allowing that now to be fully within you. We walk together, out of the building and down the Golden steps, through the field, through the land, and we gather arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder to create our MerKaBah vehicle as we now go back to Telos.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply.  We leave the surface of the Etheric area, we move towards the west, travel toMt.Shasta, the top of California and nearing Oregon.  We see the mountain and we go deep down into the mountain as we take a deep breath and find ourselves back in the garden.

And we see many Telosians, they’re cheering us on, they’re happy to see us, our friends, or comrades in spirit and light, coming together in the truth of Oneness and the New Earth.  Take a deep breath.  As Hercules and Amazonia and Michael and Faith, we thank you for coming with us on this journey.  We look forward to the work that we’re going to be doing together.  We love you deeply. In great service, we are ONE.


This is Lord Adama speaking.  That was a beautiful journey, it was a beautiful place, it was wonderful to be with each of you there.  Yes, I was there and many of us Telosians were there with you.  Let’s just relax and embellish what you’ve just experienced and allow that to be your guide within the next week. As we all sit here together, now that you’re coming here together, let’s make it a weekly occasion that each of us celebrate with each other on the Innerplane level in our sleep time to travel to Telos; we will dance ~ we will sing ~ we will feast on pineapple.  That was a special gift for Judy.

So, blessings!  Let’s breathe deeply.  It is my pleasure to be with you in these moments.  I just want to tell you that we are so honored to be doing these journeys with you

I am Lord Adama at your service.

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