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The Team of Light Introduce Master El Morya, April 27th, 2011

Master El Morya

The following is the background information for the discussion portion of our 2nd call for the New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light on April 27th, 2011.  A few more individuals joined us which is very exciting.  We had some issues with Skype until Lord Adama asked for the Technical Beings to assist.  The energies then calmed down.  Thank you, Lord Adama.

The recordings are available by clicking the tab on this blog or going to New Earth Audio.  I am providing the full recording and then a separate one for the meditation and channeling for download.

We will also be holding a monthly call to discuss with each other how we are feeling with the energies, how we can assist one another, and walk into the New Earth as a combined effort of Community, Love, Acceptance, and Service.  The date has not been designated as yet but if you have a preference, please contact me directly, meleriessee@lifestationearth.com.

Thank you for being with us and we look forward to more participants each week.

In Expressions of Oneness,



Vibratory Master of Ascension



As we stand upon the Earth as the Light Workers in this moment

We call upon the Light to Descend from the Heart and the Will of God

We gather together in Oneness to assist each other in the transition of the Light

Gaia, We hear your plea and are answering your call

We ask the Team of Light with Lord Adama, of Telos, to come forward and walk with us

We are gathered together

As we connect to Gaia, the Earth, The Sun, the Stars, the Moon, and the Sky

We Are One Together!


Working with Master El Morya of the Ray of Will and Power

I am a Lightworker upon this planet home of Gaia

I work with Lord Adama and the Team of Light

Along with many other Lightworkers to assist in the transition of Gaia’s Ascension

I am a conduit and a receiver from the Light of God onto Gaia

I call upon Master El Morya, Chohan of the 1st Ray of Will and Power

He is a teacher, and leader representing the Bridge of Freedom

As I accept my responsibility to be a Way-Shower

I also am learning in each moment

El Morya shows me the way onto the pathway of showing others

Moving from ill feelings and thoughts onto high aspirations

Allowing each human to feel the essence of gaining acceptance and receiving love

His Golden City of Light in the area of Tuscon, Arizona illuminates the qualities of

Patience, Tolerance, Sympathy and God’s Will

I acknowledge all of these qualities within me

To Share with Others

As we assist the old earth into becoming the New Earth of Enlightened Ones

Walking onto the Bridge of Freedom

I AM that I AM that I AM


Our call last week was a great success and I started the group on Facebook “New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light”.  That is growing and individuals are sharing their light with videos and stories.  I want to keep this group with the theme of sharing what we are experiencing through the process so am focusing on those ideas.  Many individuals are sharing poems about their journey which has been fabulous.  If you are interested in joining, please do so.  The recordings are on my site under New Earth Audio with the latest channeled message on a page labeled with the current date.  The remainder of the text and channeling in written form will be located on a blog labeled, “New Earth Circle of Light.com.”

You will find that there seems to be a theme for the week between each of the calls.  I believe the Cosmic Oneness starts the energies and then the Clarion Light Beings embellishes upon it to send it to the core of Gaia.  This group is each of us coming together with those activations.  We are being prepared in numerous ways to assist the planet.

Lord Adama will be sharing with us tonight about how the group is affected the planet on the whole and how each of us is coming together.  He will talk a little bit about the timeline of the Golden Cities.  I know many of us are anxious to get to the fifth dimension but remember we have to help many to do the same.  We are the forerunners and within that accessibility we have to show our patience.  I am the worst contender for this as I keep thinking it is going to happen immediately.  This is why we need to move into areas that will support our 5th dimensional energies.  I am planning to do so this year when I receive the green light.  We are being prepared by accessing these frequencies during our days which can be a problem physically but preparedness is the key.

Current State of Affairs:

Since the Festival of the Christ the energies have changed for each of us greatly and we are going to be pushed and prodded into our non-comfort zones.  It is essentially important for us to be aware in each moment what exactly is occurring because staying in the comfort zone will freeze us up ~ resulting in more discomfort.  We have been torn apart more fully than ever before due to the increase of light and changes necessary.  Time is no longer on our side and we must step up to the challenge.  This group is being formulated so we can support each other.

I will be giving an overview on each of the seven Rays as each initiate needs to be able to utilize and command these rays on the Pathway of Mastership.  Once one gets accustomed to utilizing them it will get easier.

Guest Speaker

El Morya ~ Chohan of the 1st Ray of Will and Power

Representing the color of Blue – Cosmic Level; Red – Planetary Level

Since we are connecting as a group and want to attune ourselves to the Cosmic energies, we will be discussing the cosmic level. If I was to work with you energetically and I saw that you were not in the level of the Cosmic, I would be very hesitant to intuit the Cosmic Ray and would start from the Red of the Planetary – through the levels

Planetary                            Red

Solar                                    Pink Red

Galactic                              Lavender Pink

Universal                            Lavender

Multi-Universal                 Light Blue

Cosmic                                Blue

Will & Power represents energy of will, power, and drive.  It is connected with vitality, initiative, thrust.   It breaks down the old and makes way for the new.  Additional qualities are singleness of purpose, dynamic power, detachment, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, clear vision, strength, courage, determination leadership, dignity, independence, majesty, daring, executive ability, sense of time, love, divine, capacity to grasp great questions in a large minded way, and the handling of people and measures.

The Cosmic Ray represents:  tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience, God’s Will, Protection, Faith, Initiative

If we were to look at the ray on a planetary level which represents the 3rd dimension of Earth it would be, aggressiveness, control, love of power and authority, pride, selfish ambition, impatience and irritation, self-centeredness, separateness and aloofness.

On a Planetary level it is represented in the Crown, then moves to the Throat on the Cosmic level with the higher aspects.

As Chohan of the First Ray, El Morya represents the Will of God and stands by anyone desiring of doing God’s will.  He is Chief of the council of the Great White Brotherhood atDarjeeling,Indiaand is in charge of theTemple of God’s Will.

He came to Earth as a guardian spirit from the planet Mercury.  Prior to taking this post he embodied several times as a king.  Some of his embodiments include:

  • Melchoir, one of the “three wise men”
  • King Arthur, “Order of the Round Table”
  • Thomas More, in 1479; he wrote the poems of Sir Thomas Moore, the Irish poet.

He was an integral part of the I AM teachings to be kept public after Mr. Ballard ascended as the teachings were going to be lost without the physical existence of a messenger.  He went to the Karmic Board and stated his plea which, of course, was accepted.  Thus, the teachings of Saint Germain were kept in tact on the Earthplane.

El Morya is a man of action.  He said he is not popular with students because of the strictness of his disciple.  He is known for his ability to get things done, without taking any detours.  Chelaship under this Master may be compared to clawing one’s way up a sheer cliff, sustaining cuts and bruises, but arriving there comparatively quickly.  While he is a strong leader and a relentless Guru, he is prepared to help those who follow him and who share his enthusiasm in completing certain projects.

When El Morya does so choose to invest his energies in any unascended being, he spends at least one hour in each 24 hour in making application for these so-blessed ones.  In addition he cleans the four lower bodies of the accepted Chela every 24 hours.

In El Morya’s own words:  “We are engaged, the other Ascended Masters and myself, in the building of a bridge – a bridge which will endure, until every man and woman and child who belongs to this evolution, has crossed from the realm of imperfection and limitation, into God’s freedom.  Into and under that bridge, we are building a foundation made of strong and valiant hand-picked, hand-chosen lifestreams, who can bear the weight and strength of the energies of the masses, when they begin to cross from shadow into sunshine, from darkness into light, from limitation into freedom, from disease into health and perfection.  We are the engineers, who are endeavoring to find out the strength of the various lifestreams whom we have called to service.  Those who choose to remain with us, still have the great privilege and honor of becoming the living foundation of this bridge of living light.”  “Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder”

Master El Morya represents the  Golden City in Tuscon, Arizona bordering on New Mexico.

I want to thank Master El Morya for being with us on this project and the call.  It is an honor to have him speak with us first concerning the Golden Cities.

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